WHITE WOODS (album) 2012 - Palindrome/VME
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Danish press writes:

"An enchanting album debut" (GAFFA)

"White Woods is one of this year's biggest surprises - 6/6" (LYDTAPET)

"Oozes with personality and style" - Torben Bille recommends White Woods

Under the Skin of a Skeleton Zebra (EP) 2010 - Palindrome/Strange Ears
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Danish press wrote:

“Talented singer-songwriter and pianist” (GAFFA)

“So beautiful and well performed that it frightens me (…) absolutely addictive” (Bandbase)

“Strongly image-building (...) she performs the songs with melody, strength and grace” (Undertoner)

“She shows a powerful presence and a fine songwriting talent” (Diskant)

“Simply a joyfully successful ep from a very exciting artist that we must and will hear more from. As soon as possible. WOW.” (Geiger)